Lessons for Novices and Experienced Shooters

Lessons are available for shooters of all abilities. The experienced team of instructors is lead by

Head Coach, Ian Butler.  His son, Gareth Butler was the 2016 Hereford and Worcester County Sporting Champion.

Lessons are tailored to the individual person and are held from 10.00 am with the last lesson of the day finishing at 5.00 pm.

Ladies sessions are our specialty

  • Young Shooter lessons from 12 years of age upwards

  • Group lessons and events

  • Birthdays, hen and stag events

  • Party bookings available

Whatever your level of shooting, expert advice can be given in the following areas:

  • Safety

  • Gun fit

  • Eye dominance

  • Control and composure

  • Stance

  • Reading targets

  • How to apply for a shotgun licence

  • Purchasing a suitable shotgun

  • How to maintain your shotgun

  • Any other aspect of shooting

Buy 5 shooting lessons For an individual person from the list below and get a 6th lesson for the same person absolutely free!

Please note: The prices shown below are for one lesson.

Novice Shooters

  • Novices are given an excellent start, often scoring an average of 70% hit rate at their first visit! You will leave the ground after your first lesson with a wealth of information and knowledge about your shooting skills and potential for the future. Progress to club and competition shooting is fully explained together with guidance on any legal and licensing issues. These lessons will last 1.0 to 1.25 hours with the cost including all cartridges, clays and protective equipment.

£65.95 per person

Experienced Shooters

  • It may be essential for the game shooter to have lessons prior to the season in order to make the most of all shooting opportunities. Likewise the regular clay shooter sometimes finds it necessary to consult expert advice in order to overcome problems with difficult targets. These more advanced lessons will include a minimum of 75 clay targets. Cartridges used during the lesson are charged extra.

£72.50 per person plus cartridges

Ian Butler - Head Coach

  • Ian has had many years experience with coaching both game and clay shooters and will help you with the most difficult of targets. These lessons will last up to 1.5 hours and include all clays used. Cartridges used during the lesson are charged extra.

£82.50 per person plus cartridges

Gareth Butler - Senior coach

  • Gareth has had over 20 years coaching experience, assisting both game and clay shooters. Gareth specialises in helping competition shooters achieve their potential before National events. Lessons will last up to 1.5 hours and will include all clays used. Cartridges used during the lesson are charged extra.

£77.50 per person plus cartridges

Individual Youth lessons

  • These lessons are for both boys and girls between the ages of 12 - 16. We will use either a 20 Gauge or 12 Gauge shotgun as appropriate to the individual along with the option of low noise / low recoil cartridges.

  • We will asses the physical build of any youngster who may be interested in taking up shooting so that we can be confident that they will be able to cope with the shotgun used in their lesson. These lessons will last 1.0 to 1.25 hours with the cost including all cartridges, clays and protective equipment.

£49.95 per person


Disappointing Shooting Results Due To an Eye Related Issue?

Could this be you at the moment?

  • You have been shooting for some time. You have a good shooting stance and style, your gun fits you well, you use sensible chokes and suitable cartridges. You used to enjoy shooting because you were successful at your sport.

  • Nothing appears to have changed but nowadays your results for game or clays are disappointing compared to a few years ago. You are not enjoying shooting as much and you are quite happy if there is an excuse to avoid a shooting invitation from your friends.

  • Maybe you want to quit shooting altogether as you realise that the good days are fewer and fewer and at the moment you cannot work out what is going wrong.

Before you surrender your licence and sell your guns, please consider the following:

  • As we get older, into our mid 40s and upwards, many of us have eyes that are changing over time.

  • When we start to use prescription spectacles for the first time or even when we have a new prescription there can be a drop in our shooting performance.

  • Stigmatism, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Long / Short Sightedness are conditions that can that develop with age. We may not realise that our eyes are changing but these conditions can all contribute to a drop in shooting performance. Consequently, the end result is that the shotgun may not be pointing where  think we are aiming.

  • Some shooters in this situation may hit a target but are not totally confident as to why they have been successful. Trial shots at the pattern plate may be perfect but the difficulty comes when the target is moving.

  • You may have tried accessories that attach to your glasses or to the end of the rib on your barrels with no success. Laser eye surgery has not helped your shooting ability either.

  • Ex William Powell employee, Ian Butler has over 40 years coaching experience. He has had remarkable success in getting shooters back on track who are having such problems.

  • You will start with a session to analyse the situation. Methods to rectify the situation can be discussed and we are confident that 2 - 3 follow up sessions will restore your former prowess.

Are Your Shooting Scores Staying Much The Same Or Even Deteriorating?

Special Offer To All Shooters

Recently, a few of our members have asked if they could have an informal assessment of their shooting ability. They seemed to have reached a plateau and were continuing to have difficulty with certain clays like long range crossers or fast driven clays etc.

The informal assessment involved the shooter going out with one of our experienced instructors. It soon became apparent to a fresh pair of professional eyes of how to tackle the issue(s). A couple of advanced lessons were booked to be held at a later date and now everything is moving forward in a positive way.

In some ways, the hardest thing for an experienced shooter to do is to ask for help. However, a little extra professional expertise can move you forward again so that you do not continue to repeat the same mistake again and again. We are now opening up this facility to all shooters attending HWSG.

 £30.00 for the assessment session

This charge includes any clays used during the assessment.

Further advanced level lessons can be arranged if thought necessary.