Does Your Shotgun Need to Be Fitted To You?

It is often asked what is involved in gun fitting?
Many people broadly think that it is as simple as shortening or lengthening the stock of the shotgun.

Professional gun fitting is far more involved and can be undertaken on all shotguns at HWSG to the highest of standards.

All measurements are best achieved here at the shooting ground rather than bringing your measurements with you from elsewhere.

Here are just a few of the many tasks we have to carry out if the shotgun is to fit a person perfectly.

* Application of left or right hand cast (Cast on or cast off).

* Application of bend or drop to adjust comb height.

* Reshape handgrip and forend as a conversion to the opposite hand.

* Adjustment of stock length.

* Fit recoil reduction systems.

* Fitting adjustable comb raisers.

and many more ....................

Please see the photo to see just some of the equipment that is used, ensuring the perfect gun fit for you and your shotgun.