£10,000 raised for Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust - Charity Shoot at HWSG

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Recently, HWSG hosted the annual Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Charity Shoot. Back in 2016, as you will see below, over £6,000 was raised by the event. However this year an amazing £10,000 was raised! Very well done to everyone who took part.

Here is an email extract from the CEO of the charity, Frank Fletcher, thanking everyone at the charity for their hard work.

Hi All,

I hope I find you all well.

Following the 7th Annual Ellen Macarthur Cancer trust Charity Clay Shoot, a really brilliant day, it was great to catch up with you all, I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your day and appreciated the weather we organized especially for you….

I am delighted to announce that once again you have exceeded yourselves and have beaten last year’s total funds raised.

This year we will present the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust a magnificent £10,000.00 pounds from the Shoot day, with donations & sponsorships, so very many thanks to you all and for your generous support of the event.

Without all of you, the event would not happen, but with you and your generosity, more Young people in treatment or recovery from Cancer can be given the opportunities that the Trust provides to them.

Thanks to your generosity the Trust can reach out and help restore “#confidence after cancer” for more Young people this year.

A real heartfelt and huge…Thank you… from us all.


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Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club Day at HWSG

bun clun logo.png

On 30.04.19, HWSG welcomed the ladies of the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club. 16 shooters of all abilities took part in a morning’s shooting in glorious weather.

A number of the ladies enjoyed the session so much, they will be returning to join in with shooting ground club shoots or to have further one to one shooting lessons with our team of experienced instructors.

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Problems with lead fouling in your shotgun barrels?


Problems with lead fouling in your shotgun barrels?

Is your shotgun Back Bored? Are you using Fibre Wad cartridges?

If the answer is “YES” to both questions, you may be having trouble restoring the mirror finish to the inside of your barrels after going shooting. This photo is typical of many guns we see with lead fouling in the barrels.

You may be able to remove the black sooty deposits easily but you are left with dull grey streaks on the inside of the barrels that are very stubborn and cannot be removed even if you spend a long time with your cleaning kit. These grey streaks are made of lead that has melted and hardened again onto the inside of the barrels.

We have the solution to get your barrels back to a mirror finish and can provide you with a method to prevent it happening again in the future.

You will bring your shotgun barrels to HWSG where the mirror finish will be restored. Afterwards, you will be given a small accessory kit and leaflet with comprehensive instructions. This accessory kit will help prevent the problem happening again. 

Total cost to restore your barrels + accessory kit = £30.00 + VAT

All work will be carried out within one week and a discount is available for 2 sets of barrels or more.




Over £6,000 raised for Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

On 17th March 2016 HWSG hosted John Burton's Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Clay Pigeon Shooting Event. The event was greatly enjoyed by everyone who took part and over £6,000 was raised for charity on the day.

Frank Fletcher, the CEO for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust wrote to HWSG saying;

"Your greatly appreciated support allows us to continue our work with young people who have been diagnosed with cancer and leukaemia. Which in turn, helps them to rebuild confidence after months and often years of treatment and hospitalisation. The chance to try something new and exciting, with others who have experienced a similar journey, whilst gaining new skills and just having fun gives these young people independence and peer support that can have a hugely positive impact on their recovery."



100 Target World Sporting Competition eXtra Results (Friday 26th February 2016)

The 100 target World Sporting eXtra competition was held on Friday 26th February 2016. There was a very good turn out with some of the shooters travelling over 150 miles to take part in the event.

"An excellent event held at a super ground" was just one of the comments heard during the day.

Very well done to Gareth, Shane, Oliver and Harley for constructing and maintaining the course on this impressive event.

Here are the final results with all scores being out of 100 clays thrown. These are the raw scores, handicap not included:

Well done to everyone taking part and we hope to see you again soon!

Julian Freeman               89            

Paul Cooper                     85

Carl Bloxham                   84

Steven Smith (NOR)        82

Jane Taylor                      80

Mike Bartlett                    79

Les Meynell                      77

Emma Nelson                  77

Andy Griffin                     77

Stephen Badger             77

Wes Jones                       75

Declan McVeigh             74

Tony Patten                    73

Steve Csehi                     71

Mark Webster                 71

Nick Burrows                  70

Stuart Pearson               69

Michael Hayward          69

Ben Malecki                   69

Bob Harknett                 68

Kevin Hogan                  68

Lawrence Hall                68

Philip Evans                    66

Danny Guest                   65

Paul Moore                      64

Stuart Melville                 64

Pau lWilliamson              62

Oliver Coleman               62

Gerard McVeigh             59

Michael Pearson             58

James Ellerington           58

Jason Taylor                    57

Robert Murphy                56

Natalie Ellerington          55

Peter Watson                   52

Geoff Smith                      51

Keith Jones                      50

Dan Griffith                      43

Darren Moorhouse          41

Ruth Harknett                  40

Justin Loveridge             37





Special Promotion For September and October

Thank you to everyone that made good use of the ABT and Compact Sporting Special Promotions. Well done to everyone as we know that many of you tackled ABT for the first time.

Our Special Promotion for September and October centres around Skeet and DTL.

So in line with earlier promotions, we are offering a round of Skeet and DTL for the discounted rate of £4.00 per person per round providing you have just shot the Sporting 75 or 100 course.

All you have to do is return to the club house after your sporting round and book your discounted rounds with Ian or Gareth.

Some of you may be new to Skeet and DTL and so if you scroll down this page you will see guides for both disciplines which you can familiarise yourself with before you come shooting.


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Discounted Round Of ABT and Compact Sporting

Our recent promotion of £4.00 for a discounted round of Skeet and DTL proved very popular! We are now offering the same discount for ABT and Compact Sporting until the end of August 2015.

All you have to do is to shoot the 75 clay Sporting course and then return to the shooting lodge. Ian or Gareth will then book you onto one round of either ABT or Compact Sporting for the discounted price of only £4.00 per person. The normal price is £7.00 per person per round

How to shoot ABT

A number of club members have commented on how useful the Skeet and DTL guides were and how they really helped them get to grips with order of shooting. Consequently, we have produced a similar guide on how to shoot ABT:


After DTL (Down The Line),  ABT (Automatic Ball Trap) is the second most popular trap discipline in the UK.  ABT targets are faster and have a wider range of angles than DTL.

Set up and order of shooting

  • An ABT squad consists of up to six shooters. However, there are only five stands. The waiting shooter stands where shown on the diagram in yellow (known as the 6th position). They must keep their gun open and empty at all times.

  • Targets are thrown on random trajectories away from the shooter from a single trap in front of stand 3. Only one target is shot from each stand before moving to the next stand. The shooter will fire from all five stands in turn. Two shots are allowed at each target.

  • In competition, a shooter has 10 seconds to call and take their shot.

  • When all shooters are on their first stand, the referee will call "Line ready". On this command, guns may be loaded but kept open and safe. When all shooters are ready, the shooter on stand 1 may call for a target for the squad to view. Guns are only closed when the shooter to your left has completed their shot(s).

  • Shooting in sequence, the shooter on stand 1 begins and each shoot one target in turn. As soon as the target is shot, the gun is opened and the cartridges are removed. Each shooter prepares to move to the next stand but does not move until the shooter to the right has completed their shot and moved off the stand.

  • After the original shooter on stand 1 has moved to stand 2, the shooter standing on the 6th position can move into place on stand 1 and may attempt the target in turn after the shooter on stand 5. The person vacating stand 5, walks with an open and empty gun behind the other shooters to take up position on stand 1 or 6th position (if there are 6 in the squad).

  • This procedure of moving from stand to stand is repeated until all shooters have attempted 25 targets. When the round has been completed, the referee will call out "Unload your guns please".


  • First or second barrel hits count equally and are worth one point.  A perfect score for a round of ABT is 25 points.

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New Buttons For Skeet Layout


New Buttons For Skeet Layout

No more dragging the long cables around the Skeet layout at HWSG.

As you know, all too often the Duraplugs would come undone at a crucial moment!

Instead, Gareth and Shane have installed a custom wiring set up with heavy duty cabling and release buttons. As you can see, each of the 7 English Skeet stations has its own set of buttons which will control both high and low houses.

Feedback has been very positive for this excellent addition to the ground.


Discounted round of Skeet and DTL to continue during May and June 2015


Discounted round of Skeet and DTL to continue during May and June 2015

We are continuing to offer a discounted round of Skeet and DTL to any shooter who has just competed the Sporting course. Normally a round of Skeet or DTL would cost £7 per person for a round but for May and June 2015 the cost will be only £4 per person. Shoot the Sporting course and then go back in to the clubhouse to book your discounted round.

A number of people have said that they found the guide on how to shoot Skeet very useful. As a result we have produced a similar guide on how to shoot Down The Line. (DTL)

How To Shoot "Down The Line"

"Down The Line" is the most popular trap discipline in the UK. A squad normally consists of up to five shooters.

Targets are thrown from a single trap that is situated 14.63 metres in front of the middle stand. All of the targets move away from the shooters at a random angle of up to 64°.

Each shooter will attempt 25 targets  with full use of the gun for each target. The gun is pre-mounted for DTL.

Each of the five shooters is allocated a shooting stand numbered 1 - 5.

Guns should never be loaded until the referee calls "Line Ready" and the gun must be kept open until the person to your left has shot a target.

When all shooters are ready, the first shooter on stand number one may call for a target for the squad to view before he/she takes the first shot of the round.

Each shooter has up to 10 seconds to call for a target after the last person has finished shooting.

Starting with shooter number one, every member of the squad will shoot one target in turn. This is repeated five times until all shooters have completed five targets on the stand.

After each shooter has attempted five targets on their first stand, the referee will call "Unload and change please"

On this call, each shooter will unload their gun and move one stand to the right. The shooter on stand five will unload and walk behind the other shooters to stand one.

The procedure at each stand is repeated four more times until all shooters have shot from all five stands.

After all shooters have attempted 25 targets, the referee will call "Unload your guns please"

Scoring - A first barrel hit scores three points and a second barrel hit will score two points. A miss with the second barrel will score zero points.

Therefore, a perfect round would produce 75 points or could be written as 25/75.



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How To Shoot "English Skeet"

Skeet was developed as a compact method of practising game shooting in the off-season. The name Skeet comes from the Scandinavian "To Shoot".

Skeet employs 2 trap houses, one throws a high target and the other a low target.

English skeet has seven firing stations numbered 1 - 7, set in a semi circle. A round consists of 25 targets. If the shooter competes 24 targets without a miss from stations 1 -7, he/she has the choice of shooting another high or low target from station 7 and so the total adds up to 25 targets. Guns may be premounted when shooting English Skeet.

However, if the shooter misses a target during the round, he/she repeats the first missed target only. This will produce the full round of 25 targets.

Order of Shooting English Skeet

Before the round commences, the first shooter may call to see both targets from station 1 for all the squad to observe.

  • Station 1 - High Single then Low Single, followed by a Simultaneous Pair, shooting High target first.
  • Station 2 - High Single then Low Single, followed by a Simultaneous Pair, shooting High target first.
  • Station 3 - High Single then a Low Single, no Simultaneous Pair.
  • Station 4 - High Single then Low Single, followed by a Simultaneous Pair, Shooter must nominate which target from the Simultaneous Pair they will shoot first.
  • Station 5 - High Single then a Low Single, no Simultaneous Pair.
  • Station 6 - High Single then Low Single, followed by a Simultaneous Pair, shooting Low target first.
  • Station 7 - Low Single then High Single, followed by a Simultaneous Pair, shooting Low target first.

Don't Forget, if a shooter has hit all 24 targets by the end of station 7, they have the optional extra target from the high or low house to make 25 targets in total.

Note: If a Simultaneous Pair is broken with one shot, the pair is repeated. If this happens twice more on the same stand by the same shooter, the 2nd target of the pair is said to be lost.


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Have you tried our new flurry setup yet?


Have you tried our new flurry setup yet?

Ideal for brushing up for the game season – get customised tuition on those problem driven/crossing birds with targets designed and set-up closely to simulate your specific requirements – please call to discuss in more detail.

Also available at selected Club Shoots and/or as an exciting addition for corporate/private functions/ stag/ hen “do’s”. Can be programmed for 2/3/4 shooters & 20/40/80 bird flurries – from just £5 per person.