Our recent promotion of £4.00 for a discounted round of Skeet and DTL proved very popular! We are now offering the same discount for ABT and Compact Sporting until the end of August 2015.

All you have to do is to shoot the 75 clay Sporting course and then return to the shooting lodge. Ian or Gareth will then book you onto one round of either ABT or Compact Sporting for the discounted price of only £4.00 per person. The normal price is £7.00 per person per round

How to shoot ABT

A number of club members have commented on how useful the Skeet and DTL guides were and how they really helped them get to grips with order of shooting. Consequently, we have produced a similar guide on how to shoot ABT:


After DTL (Down The Line),  ABT (Automatic Ball Trap) is the second most popular trap discipline in the UK.  ABT targets are faster and have a wider range of angles than DTL.

Set up and order of shooting

  • An ABT squad consists of up to six shooters. However, there are only five stands. The waiting shooter stands where shown on the diagram in yellow (known as the 6th position). They must keep their gun open and empty at all times.

  • Targets are thrown on random trajectories away from the shooter from a single trap in front of stand 3. Only one target is shot from each stand before moving to the next stand. The shooter will fire from all five stands in turn. Two shots are allowed at each target.

  • In competition, a shooter has 10 seconds to call and take their shot.

  • When all shooters are on their first stand, the referee will call "Line ready". On this command, guns may be loaded but kept open and safe. When all shooters are ready, the shooter on stand 1 may call for a target for the squad to view. Guns are only closed when the shooter to your left has completed their shot(s).

  • Shooting in sequence, the shooter on stand 1 begins and each shoot one target in turn. As soon as the target is shot, the gun is opened and the cartridges are removed. Each shooter prepares to move to the next stand but does not move until the shooter to the right has completed their shot and moved off the stand.

  • After the original shooter on stand 1 has moved to stand 2, the shooter standing on the 6th position can move into place on stand 1 and may attempt the target in turn after the shooter on stand 5. The person vacating stand 5, walks with an open and empty gun behind the other shooters to take up position on stand 1 or 6th position (if there are 6 in the squad).

  • This procedure of moving from stand to stand is repeated until all shooters have attempted 25 targets. When the round has been completed, the referee will call out "Unload your guns please".


  • First or second barrel hits count equally and are worth one point.  A perfect score for a round of ABT is 25 points.

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