The 100 target World Sporting eXtra competition was held on Friday 26th February 2016. There was a very good turn out with some of the shooters travelling over 150 miles to take part in the event.

"An excellent event held at a super ground" was just one of the comments heard during the day.

Very well done to Gareth, Shane, Oliver and Harley for constructing and maintaining the course on this impressive event.

Here are the final results with all scores being out of 100 clays thrown. These are the raw scores, handicap not included:

Well done to everyone taking part and we hope to see you again soon!

Julian Freeman               89            

Paul Cooper                     85

Carl Bloxham                   84

Steven Smith (NOR)        82

Jane Taylor                      80

Mike Bartlett                    79

Les Meynell                      77

Emma Nelson                  77

Andy Griffin                     77

Stephen Badger             77

Wes Jones                       75

Declan McVeigh             74

Tony Patten                    73

Steve Csehi                     71

Mark Webster                 71

Nick Burrows                  70

Stuart Pearson               69

Michael Hayward          69

Ben Malecki                   69

Bob Harknett                 68

Kevin Hogan                  68

Lawrence Hall                68

Philip Evans                    66

Danny Guest                   65

Paul Moore                      64

Stuart Melville                 64

Pau lWilliamson              62

Oliver Coleman               62

Gerard McVeigh             59

Michael Pearson             58

James Ellerington           58

Jason Taylor                    57

Robert Murphy                56

Natalie Ellerington          55

Peter Watson                   52

Geoff Smith                      51

Keith Jones                      50

Dan Griffith                      43

Darren Moorhouse          41

Ruth Harknett                  40

Justin Loveridge             37