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Discounted round of Skeet and DTL to continue during May and June 2015


Discounted round of Skeet and DTL to continue during May and June 2015

We are continuing to offer a discounted round of Skeet and DTL to any shooter who has just competed the Sporting course. Normally a round of Skeet or DTL would cost £7 per person for a round but for May and June 2015 the cost will be only £4 per person. Shoot the Sporting course and then go back in to the clubhouse to book your discounted round.

A number of people have said that they found the guide on how to shoot Skeet very useful. As a result we have produced a similar guide on how to shoot Down The Line. (DTL)

How To Shoot "Down The Line"

"Down The Line" is the most popular trap discipline in the UK. A squad normally consists of up to five shooters.

Targets are thrown from a single trap that is situated 14.63 metres in front of the middle stand. All of the targets move away from the shooters at a random angle of up to 64°.

Each shooter will attempt 25 targets  with full use of the gun for each target. The gun is pre-mounted for DTL.

Each of the five shooters is allocated a shooting stand numbered 1 - 5.

Guns should never be loaded until the referee calls "Line Ready" and the gun must be kept open until the person to your left has shot a target.

When all shooters are ready, the first shooter on stand number one may call for a target for the squad to view before he/she takes the first shot of the round.

Each shooter has up to 10 seconds to call for a target after the last person has finished shooting.

Starting with shooter number one, every member of the squad will shoot one target in turn. This is repeated five times until all shooters have completed five targets on the stand.

After each shooter has attempted five targets on their first stand, the referee will call "Unload and change please"

On this call, each shooter will unload their gun and move one stand to the right. The shooter on stand five will unload and walk behind the other shooters to stand one.

The procedure at each stand is repeated four more times until all shooters have shot from all five stands.

After all shooters have attempted 25 targets, the referee will call "Unload your guns please"

Scoring - A first barrel hit scores three points and a second barrel hit will score two points. A miss with the second barrel will score zero points.

Therefore, a perfect round would produce 75 points or could be written as 25/75.