Eley Hawk Cartridges Sponsored Side By Side Shotgun Event - October 2019

Eley Hawk Cartridges Sponsored Side By Side Shotgun Event - October 2019

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This event will be sponsored by Eley Hawk Cartridges who have kindly offered to provide the prizes.

We are holding a Side by Side Shooting Event for Club members and Non-members. (Certificate holders only).

The event will be held over a Saturday, Sunday and the following Wednesday so that all shooters will have a chance of taking part.

  • Saturday 12th October, Sunday 13th October and/or Wednesday 16th October

  • Please note that the normal Saturday / Sunday shoot is still available for people who would prefer to use over and under shotguns.


  • This is to take place during the normal club shooting times of between 10.00 am and 12.45 pm and will consist of 95 clay targets.

  • 75 of the targets will be taken on the Club course and 20 targets will be sent from the Flurry trap as an exciting extra stand.

  • Ian or Gareth will provide an extra SxS shotgun for you to use on the Flurry.

  • Here you will experience Double Gunning, possibly for the first time. The Flurry will be fully supervised in case you are new to double gunning.

  • Side by Side shotguns are available to hire if you do not have your own gun.

  • Cartridges will be awarded to the High gun, second and third place when all the scores for the week have been analysed.

Early reservation is essential for this event in order to secure your booking

Cost - only £21.00 for members and £26.00 for non-members




Please telephone your booking through on 01527 65496 or click HERE to contact us

Proof House Visit + Lunch + 75 Clay Sporting Shoot + Flurry

Proof House Visit + Lunch + 75 Clay Sporting Shoot + Flurry

Visit the world famous Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House that now contains the late Lord Mountbatten's private gun collection. This fascinating display is just one of a number of recent additions to the Proof House.

Return to Hereford and Worcester Shooting Ground for a delicious buffet lunch.

Take part in a 75 clay Sporting Shoot followed by shooting the Flurry to complete the day.


  • Arrive at the shooting ground in time to store your gun securely in the strong room and then depart at 9.00 am.

  • You will need to car share for the journey to the Proof House where there are ample parking spaces.

  • Arrive at the Proof House for a visit lasting approximately 3.5 hours.

  • Listen to a fascinating talk about the history of the Proof House that first opened in 1813. See exhibits not normally on view to the public.

  • Enter the laboratory where Proof House ammunition is loaded ready for use in the Firing Gallery.

  • See guns arriving for proofing or reproofing.

  • Witness the Firing Gallery where the gun barrels are tested.

  • Enter the "Black Hole" where black powder barrels are tested.

  • Have ample time in the Ammunition and Gun Museums.

  • Return to HWSG for a buffet lunch.

  • Take part in a 75 Clay Sporting Shoot.

  • Complete the day by shooting the Flurry.

Total cost for the whole event, only £70.00.

Please see Ian or Gareth to book your place but be quick as there are only 10 places available on each event. We will be running this event again during the year as it is very popular.

Please call the ground on 01527 65496 or contact us if you would like to make a booking