Is your shotgun Back Bored? Are you using Fibre Wad cartridges?

If the answer is “YES” to both questions, you may be having trouble restoring the mirror finish to the inside of your barrels after going shooting. This photo is typical of many guns we see with lead fouling in the barrels.

You may be able to remove the black sooty deposits easily but you are left with dull grey streaks on the inside of the barrels that are very stubborn and cannot be removed even if you spend a long time with your cleaning kit. These grey streaks are made of lead that has melted and hardened again onto the inside of the barrels.

We have the solution to get your barrels back to a mirror finish and can provide you with a method to prevent it happening again in the future.

You will bring your shotgun barrels to HWSG where the mirror finish will be restored. Afterwards, you will be given a small accessory kit and leaflet with comprehensive instructions. This accessory kit will help prevent the problem happening again. 

Total cost to restore your barrels + accessory kit = £30.00 + VAT

All work will be carried out within one week and a discount is available for 2 sets of barrels or more.